How To Create The Reality Of Love

“John Lennon said ‘All you need is love,’ John obviously never met my bank manager.” ~Danny McCrossan

Love is a powerful emotion. It gives us a sense of belonging and it makes us feel that all is right with the world. It insulates us from the cold of life and makes us feel like we can do anything.

Love, however, is an emotion. It is not reality. And as such, life can easily strip those safe and secure emotions away. But that is not to say that love lies. Love, instead, tells us what could be. It tells us that even though life gets bad, we still have people around us that love and support us. It is powerful, because it can give us courage to go out there and make our life better because the people in our life believe in us.

So if we are to understand love and how it operates in our life, we must know its limitations. Love does not recreate our world for us. It only shows us what we want more of. We want the warmth of caring people. We want the passion of a lover. We want someone to care for us as a unique person. We want our mate to feel safe and secure.

We want to give warmth and care. We want to show someone that they mean the world to us. We want to let them know that they are loved and cherished and desired. And we want our home together to be loving and safe.

In order to make all these things a reality, however, relies on our actions. Love can give us the reasons, but it is our actions that bring it to reality. If you are to actually partake of these things, we must be able to act them out.

Only when we get good at acting on love will we be able to reap the benefits of love. So show your lover that you deeply care for them. Show it in the simple things by helping them with their daily tasks. Work hard to provide a safe and secure home. Smile at them for no reason and show them that you still find them desirable. Be tender as you talk with them. Throw away harsh tones. Be productive for the family. Be great at surprising them for no reason.

If you can become an expert on acting out love, love will follow you all the days of your life. People want to love and to be loved. And if you know how to show love, the people in your life will be forever grateful.

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