Everyday Ways You Can Spice Up Your Marriage

“No woman ever shot her man while he was doing dishes.” – Author Unknown

There is a rumor circulating about this quote. It is said that this remark was made by a reporter, who, after doing exhaustive research and looking back through newspaper archives for over 100 years, concluded that no woman had ever murdered their husbands while they did the dishes for them. Although GreatestLoveQuotes.com cannot confirm this as the origin of the quote, we can say that there is a lot of truth to the statement.

When a man shows respect to his wife and all the work she does for him and the house, there is a general feeling of love that accompanies the action. Of course, this is not gender specific. We love to be appreciated. And there is nothing more tangible a sign of appreciation than to pitch in and help someone out.

The more that we can show our love instead of just talk about it, the better off our relationships will be. If we learn to put action behind our vows, the stronger our marriages become.

But there is also a subtle understood that comes with acts of love and service. The understood is that you will not always help out. If you did, the chore would then just become your. If it is assumed that the job is yours, but that in kindness the other person will help from time to time, it makes the act special. But if you or your spouse just expects the help, it becomes a chore. So the best thing you can do is to expect nothing from the your mate and decide that you will help as them as you can.

If you can build a relationship this way, the times that your spouse surprises you with extra help will be a time that is truly special. If you both can set each other up for success in this way, helping the other out will become fun and even a romantic gesture.

It can send unspoken signals that say, “you go and take time for yourself so that you are ready for our evening.” The more that we can send signals like that, the better. So try creatively helping your lover out. Let them know that they are special and loved. Let them know that their happiness means a lot to you. The results will be some that may even surprise you.

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