Love Quotes: Learning The Tight Rope Of Love

Love quotes to ponder:

“Familiarity breeds contempt—and children.” – Mark Twain

As humorous as this love quote may be, there is a ring of truth to Twain’s quip. Of course, in his day, he could not just come out and say that familiarity breeds both contempt and sex, but that is what he meant. It is a strange interplay, the tension of not getting enough of someone and getting to much. But it is the risk we run from living with the love of our life. So how do we combat becoming too familiar with each other while at the same time not growing apart?

The first thing that each couple needs to learn is that there must always be a balance of opposing forces. If you only go after one thing or another, you will topple the relationship. When you begin to master balancing between time together and time apart, that is when your relationship will begin to blossom. Think of it in terms of a reporter. A reporter must go out into the field in order to bring the news back to the newspaper.
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It is the same way with a relationship. If all you ever have is each other to entertain, things will get boring after a while. But if each of you have lives, work, friends, etc, catching up with each other each day will be fresh and exciting. So on the one hand, we are to be closer to our mate than anyone else, but all the while maintaining a life outside the relationship so that we can bring new ideas and information back to the marriage.

If we are able to create that fine balance of togetherness and separateness, we will be able to find a happiness in marriage that we never experienced before. It is crazy to think that in order to love someone completely, you must also be strong as an individual. But it is true. So fall in love, become immersed in their world, but remember yourself in the process.

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